The following videos, podcasts, and Internet articles were helpful to our parish members in their journey to the Orthodox Church:

beethebeeBe the Bee:

A youTube video series by the Greek Archdiocese Youth Department that often addresses various aspects of the Orthodox faith in simple terms.

A Journey to the Ancient Church Evangelicals Discovering Orthodox Christianity - YouTube - Google Chrome 282016 22639 PM.bmpJourney to the Ancient: Evangelicals Discover Orthodox Christianity

In the mid-80’s, a massive influx of Evangelical Christians from the Campus Crusade for Christ movement flooded the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese. Several thousand of these courageous men and women now make an integral part of the Orthodox Church here in America. They brought with them a love for evangelism, the study of scripture, and youth ministry, and have been instrumental in making Orthodox Christianity understandable to Americans. Their influence continues to have a profound impact today at many evangelical universities, such as Biola University here in California. This is their story.

PatristicNectarFilmsRock and Sand Part 1:
This is part one of a two-part interview with Kevin Allen and Fr. Josiah Trenham. They discuss his new book Rock and Sand – An Orthodox Appraisal of the Protestant Reformers and their Teaching, published by New Rome Press.

Rock and Sand Part 2:
In part 2 of his interview with Fr. Josiah Trenham, Kevin Allen gets specific on some of the modern day expressions of Reformed teaching and how it differs from the Orthodox Church. Fr. Josiah authored the book Rock and Sand: An Orthodox Appraisal of the Protestant Reformers and Their Theology.

OrthodoxyLiveOrthodoxy Live: Answering Pointed Questions About Orthodox Faith, Tradition, and Practice

Orthodoxy Live with Fr. Evan Armatas offers listeners an opportunity to ask pointed questions about the Orthodox Church. Perfect for seekers, converts, and cradle Orthodox Christian alike, this program is your chance to ask the tough questions about the Orthodox faith. Fr. Evan is a great communicator and well versed in all aspects of Orthodox theology. The program streams live, with listener call-ins from around the world, on the first and third Sundays of each month at 8:00 PM Eastern/5:00 PM Pacific on Ancient Faith Radio’s Talk Station.

OrthodoxyHeterodoxyOrthodoxy and Heterodoxy: Orthodox Christianity vs. Non-Orthodox Doctrine

Podcast series from Ancient Faith Radio. Discover how Orthodox Christianity and non-Orthodox doctrine differ and why it matters to your spiritual journey.

JourneyToOrthodoxyJourney to Orthodoxy

Fr. John Peck has gathered conversion stories from all over the world and every background in this blog to help make the journey less lonely.